boards1NĀ KŪPUNA (The Ancestors)

While we focus on the four most popular traditional surfboard shapes, we can provide you with any of the more than twelve traditional surfboard shapes enjoyed in ancient Hawaiʻi.  These shapes and sizes have been tried and tested in some of the best surf in the world and has evolved over many generations and hundreds if not thousands of years.  The traditional Hawaiian surfboards are the Kūpuna (ancestors) of today’s ultra-high tech modern surfboards.  Although the Kūpuna may be considered ancient by today’s standards, they are still faster than today’s boards and will chllange the abilities of even the best of surfers.  However, more importantly, the Kūpuna will connect you back to the original pure essence of surfing.  Spending time with a kupuna can be a magical experience!



The original Body & Knee Board
(4-6 feet long)







The original Short Board
(6-8 feet long)








The most popular board in ancient Hawaiʻi
(8-12 feet long)









Anciently, the olo board was kapu (restricted) for the use of Aliʻi (Hawaiian royalty) only .
Today, the kapu is lifted and anyone can now enjoy these incredible and majestic boards.
(12-20 feet long)






At Black Koa Surfboards, it is our goal, to provide you with a board that is historically authentic and culturally appropriate, so that you may experience the true essence and beauty of surfing as it was originally meant to be.