Product Description

Front – BK Wings Design
Back – BK Wings Design
Right Sleeve – None
Left Sleeve – None

The BK Wings Design consists of the term Black Koa, BK within a skull outline, wings, and the term Strength and Honor.  Black Koa (BK) refers to “Warriors of Mana” and pays homage to the ancient warriors of Kaʻu.  The term Black Koa reminds us to be modern day warriors for what is Pono.  The skull represents our iwi kūpuna (ancestors) and reminds us that our kūpuna are with us and that we must honor them by our positive acts and deeds.  The wings represent the ‘Io (Hawaiian Hawk), ancient symbol of royalty and mana (authority and spiritual power).  The kaona (deeper/hidden meaning) of the ‘Io wings is to remind us that we are all of royal birth with unlimited potential as sons and daughters of ke Akua (God).  The term “Strength and Honor” has been embraced by warriors of the world throughout the ages.  The strength of character, will, and spirit, not simply of arm and flesh.  This includes the willingness to stand for one’s morals and beliefs regardless, of the consequences.  The BK Wings Design on the back right hip is the same design as the front, but smaller.

Wear this design when you want to honor your kūpuna, remember who you truly are, and walk in Strength and Honor!

Additional Information

Black Koa gear feature positive messaging, limited editions, and iconic designs. We print on 100% cotton or cotton blends for maximum coolness and comfort. Designs are created in and inspired by the history, power, and beauty of Hawai‘i. Much of BK’s printing is done by hand using eco-friendly (biodegradable) inks when available. A portion of every BK purchase is contributed to environmental and cultural programs. BK only prints on garments/material made in the U.S.A. Your purchase comes with a 100% Satisfaction - “Shaka Guarantee.”


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