Product Description

Front – Big Crown Design
Back – Black Koa Banner Design
Right Sleeve – None
Left Sleeve – None

Big Crown Design
Everyone wants to be a winner, a champion, even a king.  So BK created the Big Crown design for those who would be king.  However, there are no free lunches in life, and if you want to be a king, you have to pay the price.  BK believes that to be a true king you must be strong, humble, and pono (balanced and righteous).  However, the kaona (deeper/hidden meaning) of the Big Crown design is to remind us that we are all of royal and noble birth, with unlimited potential, as sons and daughters of ke Akua (God the King of Kings).

BK Banner Design
The BK Banner Design consists of the term Black Koa on a back banner.  Black Koa refers to “Warriors of Mana” and pays homage to the ancient warriors of Kaʻu.  The term Black Koa reminds us to be modern day warriors for what is Pono.

If the crown fits wear it, but you must Be Strong, Stay Humble, and Live Pono!

Additional Information

Black Koa gear feature positive messaging, limited editions, and iconic designs. We print on 100% cotton or cotton blends for maximum coolness and comfort. Designs are created in and inspired by the history, power, and beauty of Hawai‘i. Much of BK’s printing is done by hand using eco-friendly (biodegradable) inks when available. A portion of every BK purchase is contributed to environmental and cultural programs. BK only prints on garments/material made in the U.S.A. Your purchase comes with a 100% Satisfaction - “Shaka Guarantee”


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